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I’ve got some exciting news!

When I joined a startup two years ago, I found myself always drinking beverages to stay awake—Redbull, Monster, coffee, espresso shots, etc. And eventually, I started to feel sick from it all. I decided to stop with energy drinks.

I switched over to Vitamin Water which was in the office, too, but this time I believed it to be a healthier alternative as it was “Sugar-Free.” It was also flavorful, so I never minded drinking them. But, then, my mother, who’s on another level when it comes to health, told me all those labels were full of sh*t, and there was nothing but bad things in the drinks I was consuming.

With that in mind, I stumbled across a beverage in the fridge by the name of “hint”. It had a fruity taste, but no ingredients other than water and fruit essences.

To me, it was unbelievable.

A delicious drink, no sugar, no stevia, no “diet” or “Sugar-Free” type-of buzzwords written on the label. Just water and non-GMO fruit oils/essences from locally sourced fruit (Texas).

It was like crack.

I started drinking 8-10 bottles a day. Always 3 or 4 empty on my desk with one bottle half empty, which I was consuming.

Watermelon. Blackberry. Strawberry. Peach. Grapefruit.

I was addicted to this beverage. And, there was nothing wrong with it!

That said, I had always had a great relationship with the brand and the CEO thanks to Twitter.

I met with Kara Goldin, the founder & CEO, a few months ago to discuss how I could help work with hint to take the brand further with online tactics.

Long story short, today I am excited to announce I am joining the hint family as their ‘Director of Performance Marketing’.

To say I’m elated to join such a vibrant company is an understatement.

The people are fantastic. The water is amazing. The culture is creative and eclectic. The location is prime. The founders are fearless. The office dogs are furry. The opportunity is limitless!

While the growth of hint has been tremendous thus far, it is only just getting started, and this is an unbelievable opportunity to join hint’s talented team.

Follow the journey on my Twitter: @mrsharma



I'm a funny guy, I think. I do a lot of stuff with paid media. I also work at hint, a healthy lifestyle company based in San Francisco. Google it!

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