Stop Drinking Sugary Sports Drinks During Workouts

Six months ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life: I started taking my health seriously.

That meant changing my eating habits, started going to CrossFit on a consistent basis, and ensuring that I got plenty of sleep each night. And guess what? It worked! Within a few months, I felt infinitely more energized and motivated.

But there was still one problem: Despite being so diligent about my meals and my workouts, I wasn’t losing much, if any, weight. And considering my “young dad bod” (which was no longer working for me) was the primary reason behind wanting to change my lifestyle, that was frustrating.

“I’m doing more crunches than Dwayne Johnson and kale is literally my best friend,” I thought to myself. “How am I not shedding any pounds? What am I doing wrong?”

So, after finishing a workout one day, I began scouring the internet for weight loss tips, fat-burning exercises, and even considered buying supplements to expedite the process.

Then something very, very important happened: I looked down at the sports drink in my hand, the same one I drank during almost every workout, and a light bulb went off immediately.

“Wait… could this be the problem?” I thought. “I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing. But maybe these sugary drinks are counterproductive.”

To be honest, I was embarrassed that I hadn’t realized this earlier. It was so obvious. However, as someone who grew up chugging Gatorade at halftime of my youth soccer games and watching my favorite athletes promote the stuff, I guess I just always assumed sports drink were recommended during workouts. Electrolytes!!

But that day, I made the decision to eliminate them from my diet completely, just to see if I noticed a difference. I still wanted a little bit of flavor, though (I had never been a big water drinker), so I hopped back on the computer in search of flavored water with no sugar or calories.

That’s when I discovered Hint Water. It was the best of both worlds—packed with enough flavor to get me excited to drink it but void of all the bad stuff that was hindering my progress in the gym.

I later learned about Hint’s variety pack (twelve 16 oz. bottles featuring four different flavors) delivered straight to my door.

Fast-forward to present day and I can confidently say that sugary sports drinks were 100% the reason my efforts to get healthy weren’t paying off. And eliminating them has allowed me to finally achieve the results I want.

In addition, Hint has become synonymous with my exercise routine. I now get two variety packs (24 bottles total) shipped to my home every two weeks, which breaks down to precisely two Hint bottles per workout (I do something active six days per week). I drink one before my workout and one during it.

It’s awesome because I can hold myself accountable just by looking at how many Hint bottles I have left in my fridge.

Plus, as someone who thinks water is too bland and constantly craves some flavor, Hint (available in 19 flavors) serves as a much bigger motivator when I’m at the gym than the grimy water fountain. I legitimately look forward to taking a gulp during each break, which helps me push myself. Get on board the Hint train, people, and get your first case at 50% off by clicking here!*

*Introductory offer valid only to new customers. Offer valid while supplies last. Original price is $21 with $5 shipping.



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